My Career Plan: Students' Journal

eTwinning is a project of the European Commission, part of the Erasmus+ Project, whose objective is to encourage European schools to create collaborative projects based on the use of information and communication technologies. In this way, teachers can develop collaborations with other teachers from other European countries.

A new etwinning project has recently started in collaboration with teachers and students from various European countries such as Turkey, Greece and Romania.

It’s called “My Career Plan” and it involves classes 2C and 2D: the students will learn how to work together, how to use 2.0 tools and AI in an international situation.

Students from 2C and 2D started cooperating last week: they were divided into groups, in which they began to collaborate.

Some tasks have been assigned; for example e-safety, netiquette and AI posters, quiz and backstage pictures.

This project will be active until the end of the school year and we are proud that Liceo Leonardo is part of it!